A Tour of Rare C++ Features

Welcome to the overview page for my “tour of rare C++ features”. Please remember that there are good reasons why many of the contortions described herein are vanishingly rare in real software!

The tour revolves around the snippet of C++ below, which demonstrates rather handily why some people claim that C++ is a bad language - however, I aim to show the reasoning behind and usefulness of each, or at least most, of these language features.

/* This is valid C++ */
auto main() -> decltype('O.o') try
<%[O_O = 0b0]<%
typedef struct o O;
if(O*O = decltype(0'0[o(0)](0))(0)) 1,000.00;
else return 0==O==0 ? throw O_O : O_O;
catch(...) { throw; }
Daniel Schemmel
PhD Student

I am a researcher and head of Systems Analysis at the Chair of Communication and Distributed Systems at RWTH Aachen University, where I research the testability of distributed systems. My specific focus is on the applicability of Symbolic Execution to real world software.